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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fabletics - April 2015

This month I ordered the 2-piece Nehalem Bay outfit from Fabletics.  My outfit included the Zion Tank in seafoam tie dye & black and the pants are the Salar Capris in black.  The tank has a built-in bra with removable cups, and is made of 89% Polyester/11% Spandex.  The pants are mid-rise, with 20" inseam, made of 88% Polyester/12% Spandex.            
I'm 5'5", 36B, rectangular body shape. I wear size 2 to 4 in jeans and got the tank and pants in Small:
Cost of Outfit:  $49.95 VIP Member price
Outfit Value:  $109.90 Regular price
Impressions:  I love the seafoam color and pattern (the picture of me above was taken in poor lighting so it looks more green than the bluish seafoam that it really is) of the tank top.  I wasn't sure about how much I would like the feel of the strappy back when I ordered it but it feels comfortable and will be nice for hot days.  The elastic band of the built in bra is a bit firm (not much stretch) which made the tank a little more difficult to pull over my broad shoulders but it fit around my bust fine once on.  The removable cups are substantial enough that there shouldn't be any "surprises" showing through when it's cold.
The bra provides enough coverage and support for me and the type of exercising I  do but probably not if you are busty and like to run a lot.  And wearing another sports bra underneath would just look and feel weird with the strappy back design.  The capri pants are the same Salar style that I got with my trial outfit -  which I still really like.  During Checkout, I also got a free 2 year magazine subscription.  I chose Shape magazine but you have the choice to submit a form for a refund of the magazine worth $20.  I plan to take the refund, which takes a few weeks to process, but that would bring the actual cost of my outfit down to $30!  Overall, I'm pleased with the design, quality and value of this outfit.  I mostly do yoga, pilates, and walking so this outfit is perfectly sufficient for what I need. 

In the review of my trial outfit, I forgot to mention that Fabletics VIP Members are automatically enrolled in a rewards point program.  You earn 2 points for every $1 you spend and 20 points for every item you review.  You can also earn points through referrals.  When you earn 1000 points, you get a credit for a free $50 outfit.  This is my second outfit from Fabletics ($50 each), and I have reviewed 3 items earning me 260 points so far.  So at this rate, I would earn a free outfit after buying 7 or 8 outfits.  The points are good for up to 2 years.  If you regularly buy workout gear, this is a nice incentive to joining Fabletics.

UPDATE:  As of April 16, 2015, Fabletics has changed their reward points system: 
Starting today, you no longer have to wait until you earn 1,000 points
before you’re eligible to receive a reward. Instead of converting your
points into credits, you can now redeem them at any time for your favorite
Fabletics gear in our new
Points Shoppe. Rewards start at just 300 points!
According to their email, you can now start redeeming items when you have acquired 300 points but the types of items you can redeem in this point bracket are things like headbands and hair ties.  For 2000 points you can redeem a single clothing item like a tank or pair a pants.  So you would now need 4000 points to redeem for a complete outfit now!  And points are now only good for 1 year which means I would have to buy and review about 14 to 16 outfits in less than a year to gain enough points to redeem for a free outfit or else I lose my points.  This new rewards program is incredibly bad compared to the old rewards system.  In my opinion, it's not much of a rewards program at all now.

Note on Customer Service:  One big negative I realized with Fabletics when I ordered this month is the customer service's inability to efficiently make changes to an order you have submitted.   I originally ordered another outfit but realized I forgot to change the pant color before I submitted my order so I called customer service to change the pants to the color I wanted.  The representative was very friendly but their system for processing and changing orders is seriously flawed.  The rep said that the only way they can make a change to an order, even something as simple as a color choice, is to cancel the entire order and submit it again, piece by piece, with the new change.  In the process of them doing that, the outfit I wanted sold out!  Apparently customer service also has no way of checking item stock to know if something is still available, about to sell out, etc.  So really, they can't do much more than I can do myself on my own computer!   It was a bit frustrating but I'm glad I know that now for future purchases.


  1. I actually canceled my Fabletics account once they changed the rewards program :-( The main reason I had kept it as long as I did was because of the awesome rewards but now it's so pointless! I still buy the clothes because they are frequently on Haute Look and Gilt for the same as the VIP prices (sometimes lower!!). Haute Look (owned by Nordstrom) and Gilt both have way better customer service than Fabletics, which has terrible customer service. I guess all that to say that if you're on the fence about joining Fabletics, there really is no longer a very compelling reason to do so--definitely sign up and get the $25 outfit but cancel after that unless there is something you really want!

    1. I agree, I no longer see a benefit of being a Fabletics VIP. And I haven't really liked any of the outfits featured in the past few months so I plan to cancel my membership too.