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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craving mustard...?!

.... mustard yellow that is.  For the past several weeks I have become obsessed with all things mustard yellow and gold.  I even posted a set on Polyvore about my mad craving.  I used alot of old JCrew catalog photos for inspiration.

I think it all started with the Emersonmade Goldie skirt that I blogged about a few weeks ago (here).

I still haven't found a good affordable alternative to the Goldie skirt :(.  But I'm getting desperate enough to consider sewing my own... lol!  I do know how to do some basic sewing but I don't know if a skirt with pockets and pleats is within my sewing skill set.  Hopefully I will find something off the rack soon so I can avoid that whole ordeal.

However, I did find this inexpensive mustard-yellow cardigan from Forever 21 ($18, buy here).

Cute, inexpensive, and I like the pockets and brass-like buttons!  I like buttons... buttons and pockets... and cardigans... they're my favorite!

J over @ J's Everday Fashion had a post about mustard yellow and some other inexpensive sources for mustard-yellow cardigans (link to post).

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~ connie-nicole ~

Alternative School

My clothing budget is pretty small as a grad student so I often have to find inexpensive alternatives to the things that I really want.  Case in point... I love the Lunar Cycles top from Anthropologie (no longer available online) but Anthropologie is way out of my price range (even on sale sometimes)!

So I've been looking for a cheaper alternative and I came across this top from Forever 21 ($18).

What do you think? Should I keep looking?

Ultimately I want to recreate this look from Molly over @ Anthromollogies...

Really cute summer outfit don't you think?!