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Friday, February 25, 2011

EmersonMade Goldie Pocket Skirt

I WANT...the Goldie Pocket Skirt by EmersonMade.

I LOVE this yellow skirt by EmersonMade but it costs $158, a bit steep for my budget. The color is wonderful and I like the drape and length.  AND... it has pockets, my new favorite feature for skirts and dresses!  I could get a similar look with the yellow Anthropologie Field Skirt:

However, the Field Skirt is no longer available online but some are available on Ebay for about half the price of the EmersonMade skirt - but still too expensive in my opinion.  Let me know if you guys out in blog-land come across an even cheaper alternative for a golden/yellow skirt (pretty please!).

I have a black & white chiffon blouse that would look great with this golden yellow but a navy & white blouse would look equally nice.  Inspired outfit created via Polyvore:
EmersonMade Goldie Skirt Inspiration

Click HERE to see another cute look on Janelle on her Basic Cravings blog featuring the Goldie Pocket Skirt.

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