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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Momma's gotta brand new bag

I have a new favorite bag... and nope, it's not a Coach or Louis Vuitton bag.  [I'm a super cheap grad student remember!]

This little lovely is courtesy of none other than....Target (Tar-shay if you want it to sound all hoity-toity).  It's a Merona bag, and here's what I love about it:
  • only cost $30 bucks (but its currently on sale for $27, click HERE to buy),
  • nice and roomy (but not gargantuan enough to carry a body in ),
  • comfortable to wear,
  • it feels quite soft for a faux leather-type material, 
  • can be carried as a tote, shoulder bag, or use the long strap to throw over the shoulder (hands-free shopping!...and texting...and carrying 50 lbs of library books...and drinking a hot cup of tea!) 
  • silver hardware (which I prefer a million times over gold hardware),
  • and its a nice neutral dusty mauve color (its listed as "Pink/Purple" on the website).   
I don't normally carry purses in this color - I'm normally a black or brown bag girl.  This bag is also offered in GREY and TAN.  The grey is currently available online but it was sold out online and in my local store when I bought my bag.  So if you want the grey, you might want to jump on it like NOW.  The tan color is eh... to me.  I wasn't wowed enough to buy it even though that's one of the first colors I reach for in bags.  I initially wanted the grey because I wear alot of black and charcoal grey (a habit I'm trying to break) but decided the mauve color would be a nice change.  Plus, I've been looking for light grey and taupe colored bags and I think this is a happy medium. 

More reasons I love this bag:  It seems to go well with both the black and grey colors that I normally wear.  It also goes well with pastel colors.  Its formal enough to wear in business casual situations but the soft structure of the bag gives it a casual enough feel that I can just as easily pair it with a simple jeans, t-shirt/cami, and cardigan look.  I think I'll get my money's worth out of this one!

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