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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bare Bliss Box - April 2015

I received my first Bare Bliss Box this weekBare Bliss box features natural, organic, vegan, and toxin free makeup and skincare products each month.  Since it is a natural box, I decided to give them a try.  Here are the brands featured in this month's box:

Cost of Box:  $19.99 per month (free shipping)
Impressions:   I like the variety of products included in this box but I can't say that I was wowed by the samples.  I'm not crazy about the scent of the lavender soap or the facial cleanser but I will try them to see how they work.  I do like pomegranate products so I plan to use the body lotion as well, but most likely just as a hand lotion to keep in my purse.  I'm quite intrigued by the teeth whitening powder which is black like ash or charcoal.  It is a small sample so I will probably just sprinkle a little bit on to my regular toothpaste to make it last a little longer.  I plan to trade the cream eye shadow or give it away.  Overall, I like that all the products are natural and I plan to try everything but the eyeshadow.  I do not know the full value of the box because the eyeshadow and teeth whitener samples were not listed with a size.  However, I do think the box value is at least the cost of the box.  The cleanser, soap, and lotion samples alone have a value of $13.15. 

I was a little underwhelmed by this box and I think it's because I don't really like the scents of the products and the teeth whitener sample is a bit small.  This doesn't appear to be a very high retail value box but I plan to continue my subscription for at least another month just in case this was an off month for Bare Bliss.  As far as natural care boxes go, Kloverbox has become the standard by which I hold all other natural boxes.  So if next month's Bare Bliss box isn't better, I will most likely cancel.
Shipping:  This box shipped to me via USPS.  I did not receive any tracking number or email notification when the box shipped.

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