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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rachel Zoe's Box of Style - Spring 2015

Designer and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has jumped on the subscription box bandwagon and released the first installment of her Box of Style this month.  A box will be released quarterly (4 times a year).  The box is advertised as featuring fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items with a combined retail value of over $300 in each box.  The seasonal or quarterly subscription rate is $100 for each box but an annual subscription is $350 (receive 4 boxes total).   Each box will contain what Rachel calls a "hero" item which will make up most of the box value.

Here is what was included in the first box:

Zoya Nail Trio (custom curation by Rachel Zoe) ($30)

Cost of Box:  $100 (quarterly, includes free shipping)
Total Box Value:  $328
Impressions:  This is the first time I've splurged this much money on a subscription box, and since this was the first release of this box, I knew I was taking a pretty big gamble when I signed up.  But with the bracelet as a spoiler, I knew I was guaranteed to get my money's worth which is why I still went through with signing up.  I think the bracelet has a very cool design and I prefer gold jewelry when I do wear jewelry but, being honest with myself, I realize this is something I realistically will not wear often.  With some of the research lab work I do, wearing bracelets and rings is impractical.  And the high polish, modern style of this bracelet would look a little odd considering my simple, casual personal style when I'm not at work.  If it was a simple charm or chain bracelet, I'd probably wear it more often.  I noticed on subscription box community sites that many people mentioned they couldn't wear the bracelet because with an interior circumference of 6.25" it is certainly not a one size fits all kind of bracelet.  It was a snug fit on me:
I really need a pair of sunglasses and really like the mission behind the Tom's brand.  Unfortunately I will not be putting these sunnies to use because I have to wear prescription glasses (no contact lenses) and don't want to spend extra money to have prescription lenses put in.  Otherwise, I would use these because I like the simple yet fun design and that they're not obnoxiously big.  Plus the case is so pretty!  I don't wear nail polish or makeup so I wouldn't get any use out of the polish and mascara.  I don't normally wear garments that need styling tape but I can see it being quite handy for keeping bra straps in place when sporting sleeveless tanks during the summer or preventing the embarrassing peek-a-boo gap between buttons on blouses!

Overall, I think the box is very well curated and indicative of Rachel Zoe's style.  You can tell she put some real thought into it; it's not just a bunch of random junk.  All these items serve as the finishing touch to creating a chic look.  The packaging of everything is quite impressive and substantial so you know that the items are quality.  Even the package of styling tape looks fancy!  The retail value is most definitely there for this box (the bracelet alone makes the cost of this box an incredible deal!) but I personally would not get much use out of it's contents.  They don't exactly fit along with my personal style and lifestyle.  I decided to cancel my subscription for that reason only, not because I think it's a poorly curated or low value box.  I'm game to trying Box of Style again in the future if the spoilers are enticing enough.  I will either sell this box or gift the items to my girlfriends who would love and put the items to much better use than I would.  If you are a fan of Rachel Zoe's style, then I would say this box is definitely worth trying.  If this first box is any indication of future boxes, the quality and retail value will definitely be there for the $100 subscription price. 

A note on shipping:  This box ships via UPS and it took 9 days to arrive in South Carolina from California.

Update:  The summer box went on sale April 9th and will ship July 1st.  Here is the spoiler for the "hero" or big-ticket item:
I like the design of the bag, which you can also carry as a clutch by removing the strap, but I know I would never carry a white bag.  If it were brown or black, I would have re-subscribed. 


  1. I love your reviews. Just to the point. I would like to ask if you trade the items you do not use. I am desperately looking for miansai screw cuff!

    1. Thank you nehasabharwal1. I do trade lower value items that I do not want from my subscription boxes on the Swap page at the My Subscription Addiction website. Higher value items, like from this Rachel Zoe box, I sell on Ebay. I sold my entire box last week so my Miansai screw cuff is no longer available. If you are still looking for one, search for it on Ebay. I saw a lot of them listed for sale when I sold my box. I hope you have good luck finding one at a good price; it really is a nice bracelet!