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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kloverbox - April 2015

Kloverbox is here!  I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm loving this subscription box and this is only my second box from them!  This is by far my favorite beauty/skincare sub box because...
  • I can generally use everything in the box, 
  • they include some full size samples, 
  • even the small samples last a long time, 
  • the products are made with simple, natural ingredients, 
  • and the box value is always much more than what you paid! 
Here's what was included in the April box:

Cost of Box:  $25 (includes shipping)
Total Box Value:  $55.50
Impressions:  I really like foaming soaps so I'm excited about this one from Kosmatology.  I tried it and it wasn't drying but I'm not entirely in love with the spearmint rosemary scent.  There are other scents available; I would have preferred the orange or grapefruit scents.  I plan to use this one anyway because it is a nice hand soap.  I have never used a lotion bar before but I love this citrus scented one from Old Orchard.  It is so pretty, almost too pretty to use!  The ingredients are great and it was good at moisturizing my very dry hands.  It does not take much to moisturize your hands so this bar should last a long time.  It does start to melt quickly from the warmth of your body so you have to be carefully to not hold it too long or you will end up with a greasy mess on your hands!  I like the citrus scent of the tin candle as well.  It isn't an intense citrus scent but the small tin is nice to have near you on your nightstand or other areas where you might not want to have a big candle burning.  The coffee scrub is another new concept to me.  I drink lots of coffee so of course I love the scent!  And I really like that it has avocado oil to help moisturize while it scrubs.  I have not eaten the granola yet, but I'm sure I will love it because I love peanut butter!  Overall, I am very pleased with this month's box.  I plan to use everything featured this month so this was a great box and a great value!  I even liked the containers and tins the companies used and plan to repurpose them once I'm done using the products.

Kloverbox also included the replacement item for the Urban Oreganics Rosewater Toner than had a container issue in last month's box.
I was hoping they would replace the toner with a new bottle of toner because I was really excited to try a rosewater toner.  The jar isn't listed with a size but it looks to be a 2 oz container.  I'm not excited about the solid brush cleaner because I do not wear makeup and don't have brushes to clean.  However, someone on a subscription box review site mentioned that they contacted Urban Oreganics about possible other uses and were told that the ingredients in the cleanser are mild enough to use as a facial cleanser too.  That is good to know and made me a little more interested in the cleanser - but I would still prefer the toner!  I will probably use it by rubbing the head of my facial brush over the cleanser and clean my face as usual.  The small jar would be nice for when I travel and don't what to pack larger cleansers.  Perhaps I will order the rosewater toner from the Urban Oreganics Etsy shop when the toner I currently use runs out.

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