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Saturday, April 11, 2015

GlassesUSA Review

My current pair of glasses are ancient and have been broken and fixed several times over the past few years.  I finally admitted to myself that the poor things needed to be put to rest and replaced.  I decided to give a try because I wanted to experiment with a new frame style without committing a large sum of money.  GlassesUSA offers the convenience of ordering glasses online and at very affordable prices.  You input your prescription information and their lab cuts and install the lenses into the frames you select.  They have a virtual try-on feature that allows you to get an idea of what the glasses will look like on you.  You can select one of the preloaded face shape images or upload your own image:
They also give detailed measurements and information about the frames to help you gauge the size and fit:
They do offer some designer brand frames but most are not designer .  Designer logos, especially on my glasses, are not that important to me.  I actually like when logos are inconspicuous.  What I care about most is that the item is made well and justifies the cost.  I purchased the Freddy Black frames by Poster Wear ($58) because I wanted to switch from my current bronze metal oval frames and try something new with black, rectangular frames.  You have the choice to get pretty much any type of lens treatment that you would through any other eye glass store.  I added Scratch Resistant Coating, UV Protective Coating, and Anti-Reflective Coating for an extra $29.  But because this was my first purchase, I got a 50% off discount on my frames which brought my total purchase price back down to only $58!  It took 12 days from placing my order to receiving my glasses in the mail.  My vision is pretty bad and it always takes a while for my lenses to be cut even when I order glasses through my local optometrist office.  If your vision isn't that bad or if you're ordering the frames without a prescription I doubt it would take that long.

Overall, I'm pleased with the quality for the price.  I've paid more for equal quality from other places in the past.  I was a little concerned about how the glasses would be shipped and the possibility of damage during shipment but the glasses came in a hard-shell storage case.  And I really like that they offer free shipping and free returns if you're not happy with your order!  I'm still getting used to the look of these new rectangular frames but I think I will keep them.  But since returns are allowed, I could try a different frame style if I find that these don't work for me.  Another plus is that your glasses come with a 1-year warranty.  You can also purchase prescription sunglasses through GlassesUSA.  I desperately need a pair of sunglasses so I plan to order a pair since the frames/lenses are so inexpensive.  I've received several emails since I first placed my order advertising discounts and sales so I'm sure I'll be able to get my sunglasses at a very cheap price too.  If you're in the market for inexpensive prescription glasses, sunglasses, or if you're looking for frames simply for fashion, GlassesUSA is worth considering.  I'm glad I gave them a try.  And since I'm hard on glasses, I will not feel so bad about damaging/breaking the pairs I order through their website because they are so much more inexpensive than what I typically spend on glasses!

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