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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Graze - Free Trial Box

I recently took advantage of a free trial box of snacks from Graze, a mail order subscription snack service.  The free trial comes with 4 snacks but you can choose between 4 snack ($6.99) or 8 snack ($11.99) boxes when you subscribe.  You also have to option to schedule how often you want to receive a box.  I signed up for the 8 snack box subscription to start after my free trial because I snack a lot and it is a better deal.  When you try the snacks, you can go online to note if you liked them or not, or note if you really want to try something or exclude certain snacks from being shipped to you.  My box shipped via USPS and was small enough to fit in a standard mailbox.  Here are the snacks from my free trial box:

Welcome letter explaining how Graze works:
Nutrition and ingredient information for each snack included:
The Cheese Board
Lemon Almond Cookie Dippers with Oat & Spelt and Wild Blueberry Compote
Southern BBQ Pistachios
Deconstructed Carrot Cake
Cost of Box:  Free Trial
Impressions:  I like that the snacks come individually wrapped in portion controlled, individually wrapped snacks.  If you are mindless snacker like me, individually portioned snacks are really helpful!  But when you first see the size of the snack containers, you will probably be disappointed because it doesn't look like much.  They average around 1 oz each.  I also like that the snacks are healthier options than reaching for potato chips and candy bars.  I subscribed to the variety snack box so I will get a mix of sweet and savory snacks but there is a box option to only get sweets.  I liked everything in my trial box except the lemon almond cookie dippers.  I love almonds and blueberries but both the cookies and the blueberry compote were terrible in my opinion.  The BBQ Pistachios were my favorite out of this box.  I would not say that the volume of snacks justifies the $7 cost of the the 4 snack box ($1.75 per snack).  The cost per snack for the 8 snack box is $1.50 each.  So these boxes are not the greatest value from a cost per volume perspective.  With Graze, you are paying for the interesting flavored snacks that you may not be able to find at your local market, as well as portion controlled, healthier snack options.  I would not make this my sole source of snacks because the value per volume is not there for me.  I signed up to receive an 8-snack box every 2 weeks just as a treat to something different than what I may usually snack on.  I am looking forward to trying what comes in my next box!

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