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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kloverbox - May 2015

I received my May Kloverbox today!  Kloverbox is definitely one of my favorite subscription boxes and I am always excited to receive my monthly box.  Here is a look at what was featured in this month's box:

Product Information Card



Cost of Box:  $25 (includes shipping)
Total Box Value:  $58.39
Impressions:   This is my first Kloverbox that has included a makeup item.  I will not be using the blush mousse which is kind of disappointing since it alone makes up a little more than half the retail value of the box.  I will try to trade it for something I can use.  I plan to use everything else in the box.  I still haven't used my Preserve razor I received in my April Goodebox but razors are useful and always good to have a stash of.   I like than an extra blade is included.  The pomegranate and mango shave cream and mango lip balm sound heavenly!  I love lip balms with cocoa or shea butter and almond oil so I'm excited to try this one from Eco-armour.  I have never tried any snack bars with quinoa or amaranth before so I'm intrigued by this Pure bar.  I do like that it has almonds and berries in it.  This will be my breakfast tomorrow morning!

Although I will not be using the big ticket item in this box, the blush mousse, the value of the rest of the items are more than the cost of the box which is good.  Overall, I'm happy with the amount of use I will get out of the items included so it was a good deal for me.  I'm looking forward to the June box! 

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