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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Goodebox - June 2015

I received my June Goodebox today!  Here is a look at the samples I received in this month's box:

Product Information Cards

 Suntegrity Natural Self Tanner  (size and value unknown)
Odacite Intensive Hand & Heel Therapy  0.5 oz ($4.88 value)
 Lillian Eve Nail Polish in Ballet Slipper  0.5 oz ($12)
 Red Flower Wanderlust Hand & Face Towelettes  Set of 7 ($5)
Cost of Box:  $19 (free shipping)
Total Box Value:  over $56.88
Impressions:  I've heard of the MyChelle brand before but have never received any of their products in any of the beauty boxes I subscribe to so I am happy to finally get to try something from them.  I've been trying to be more consistent in using an eye treatment in my skincare regimen so it's good to have another product to try out.  I normally prefer oils over creams because they glide on and absorb easily whereas creams have to be patted on to prevent pulling on the delicate eye skin.  This half ounce tube should last me a very long time.  I will not be using the self tanner because I'm African American and don't have a need for it.  I would imagine that the fact that it is concentrate would make it difficult to get an even and natural look.  The Odacite hand and heel cream is very rich and creamy and did a great job of moisturizing my dry hands.  I wish it was a bigger sample!  I like that the nail polish is a nice, sheer to opaque, neutral color that anyone could use.  If I painted my nails, I would use it.  I'm always happy to get towelettes because I find them to be quite handy to have on hand in my purse for situations when I need to clean off my hands more thoroughly than with hand sanitizer alone.

I think the value of this box is great!  I plan to use everything but the nail polish and the self tanner.  Even though I'm not using everything, the value of the eye cream alone still makes this box worth it for me!  I'm quite happy with my subscription of Goodebox so far.  Their customer service is one of the best I've encountered in the subscription box world.  Last month I noticed on my online account that two of the items listed to be included in my May box were different from what was actually shipped to me.  I simply emailed to ask if substitutes were common since I have not been subscribed for very long.  Customer service emailed back quickly and said that substitutes should not have been made and that they must have put the wrong selection of items in my box by mistake.  They said they would ship the items I was supposed to get and told me I could keep the items they shipped by mistake as a bonus!  I wasn't expecting that but I was so happy they offered!  Here are the two items I was supposed to get in my May box instead of the natural deodorant and lip tint that I received:

MSC Skincare & Home Scent 002 Parfum  (size and value known)

I don't normally like getting perfume samples because they are often to intense for my sense of smell but I really like this one from MSC.  I think it may be because it is alcohol-free so the scents are more subtle.  I like that I can actually smell the vanilla notes.  Lavender scented items usually tend to be a bit too strongly scented for me but the lavender scent in the body oil from Mullein & Sparrow isn't overwhelming to me.  And I love beauty and body oils because they work well on moisturizing my dry skin so I'm always happy to get more oil items to try!

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