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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Graze - May 2015

Over the past couple of weeks I have been enjoying the second of two Graze snack boxes I scheduled for delivery in May.  I subscribed to the 8-snack variety box with delivery every two weeks. Here are the snacks I got to try in this box:

Nutrition & Ingredient Information Card
Cinnamon Pretzel
Oven Roasted Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection
Beach Bum
Pro Power
Super Forest Fruits 
Chocolate Pecan Pie 
Chocolate Pretzel 
Strawberries & Cream Granola Topper

Cost of Box:  $11.99 (free shipping)
  • Cinnamon Pretzel:  Nothing special about the poppyseed pretzels; in fact I would have preferred regular salted pretzels.  I did like the cinnamon honey almonds.  I wish the whole snack was just the almonds!
  • Oven Roasted Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection:  I really like salt and vinegar chips but it tastes a bit weird on nuts.  It wasn't necessary bad, just different.  It may be an acquired taste.
  • Beach Bum: The banana chips were a bit chewy but I liked this snack, mostly because of the dried pineapple.  The coconut chips were not toasted but they were sweetened so they didn't seem bland like some coconut chips I've tasted in some of their other snacks.
  • Pro Power:  I don't eat a lot of meat so I like finding snacks that have high protein and are tasty.  I wish there was a little less black pepper on the cashews but otherwise, I really liked this snack.
  • Super Forest Fruits:  Great snack.  I liked the mix of slightly sweet and tart fruits and berries.
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie: I'm a southern girl and this snack includes pecans with chocolate fudge!  I even liked the dates mixed it.
  • Chocolate Pretzel:  Again, nothing special about the poppyseed pretzels.  I like Nutella so I liked the chocolate hazelnut dip.
  • Strawberries & Cream Granola Topper:  I liked this snack in yogurt but not sure I would eat it on it's own
Out of this box, I would say the Chocolate Pecan Pie and Pro Power snacks were my favorites.  My account online and the information card indicates that I was suppose to receive Wholegrain Banana Caramel Dippers but I received the Cinnamon Pretzel snack instead.  This box wasn't an equal balance of savory versus sweet snacks like the last box.  Six out of the eight snacks in this box were sweet.  I am not sure if there is any particular rhyme or reason to how Graze selects savory and sweet snacks for a variety box but it appears that the ratio is random and varies with each box.  I'm not really bothered by the variation but I did like having a savory and sweet snack to eat together for quick lunches in my last box. 

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