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Friday, June 26, 2015

Burke Home Decor Box - June 2015

I recieved my second box from Burke Home Décor and I am very impressed with this month's box!  This subscription box service was originally advertised as providing at least 3 to 4 items with a retail value of $120 in each box.  Here is what I received in my box this month!

Product Information Sheet

Torre & Tagus Porcelain Snack Bowl in Black  4.5" x 2.5" (value unkown)

Cost of Box:  $55 (includes shipping)
Total Box Value:  Estimated at about $115
Impressions:   Overall, I am very happy with this month's box!  I ordered the first box Burke Home released in April but it was definitely disappointing in my opinion.  I cancelled my subscription but really hoped they would eventually turn things around because I was excited about the concept of a home decor box (which is rare in the subscription box world).  I definitely think that they have improved by leaps and bounds over their inaugural boxes.  This month's box is better curated and doesn't include a bunch of random clearance items like the first boxes.  I also like that they included product information this time.  I think the items included in this month's box are quality and luxurious treats.  I am so excited to finally have Turkish Towel because I've heard so many people rave about how wonderful and multifunctional they are as a lightweight throw, wrap, scarf, and quick drying beach towel all in one!  And mine is striped and yellow - two of my favorite things together!  I really wanted the large Torre & Tagus serving bowl but the small snack bowl is still a pretty addition on my entrance table to hold my keys, etc.  I have a lot of darker neutrals in my home so the black and cream pattern I received works with my decor.  I'm not sure of the exact value of the bowl but the medium sized bowl on the Burke Home website is $14 and the large is $22.  I did find the small snack bowl on other websites for $6.  I think the candle I received smells very nice but the hand soap is a little on the masculine side, however, I still plan to use it.  I'm almost out of hand soap in my master bath so this arrived right on time!  I thought the incense sticks were an odd addition and don't like the scent I received.  I don't camp, have a fireplace, or burn incense sticks so they would not have been used anyway.

The retail value of my box is not quite $120 but still twice what I paid so I'm happy.  My box was delayed a couple of weeks because this month's box was so popular.  Apparently they started running out of the large Torre & Tagus serving bowls that were included in the first boxes shipped out which may explain why some people got small Torre & Tagus bowls instead and thus lower value boxes.  Although the retail value is slightly less than was originally advertised for this subscription box, I plan to use everything except the incense sticks so it's still a good value for me.  And the items I received will last a long time.  Plus, this box includes heavy items and it arrived within a few days of shipping by UPS, all included in the $55 price so I'm definitely impressed with the value I got.

Although I was really impressed with the improvements Burke Home made with this month's box, I did not resubscribe to regularly scheduled shipments.  I purchased this month as a one-time purchase only after I saw someone else's review of their box.  I will wait to see a couple more boxes before I decide to recommit to a regular subscription schedule.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what they include in next month's box!


  1. Great review! Didnt see those bowls in other reviews though, just the towel. Did you get a chance to see Decoterie? Not many home decor boxes out there but love this one! Brand new.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I'm interested to see what they offer but haven't found reviews from anyone yet. I did join their waitlist though.