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Monday, June 15, 2015

PopSugar Must Have - June 2015

My June PopSugar Must Have box arrived a couple of days ago.  The theme for this month's box was:  Sun-kissed, Outdoor Fun, Coconut, and Yoga Warrior.  Here is a look at the the items included in this month's box:

Cost of Box:  $39.95 (includes free shipping)
Total Box Value:  $111 (excluding gift card)
Impressions:  On the surface, I think this month's box seems like a good one but unfortunately it ended up being another disappointment for me personally.  I think the retail value of the box is good and even though it doesn't fully line up with the themes, it's definitely a summer box.  I would love to wear the sunglasses but I wear prescription eyeglasses and do not want to pay to put prescription lenses in the frames.  I love to read but after reading the synopsis of the Bluum book I wasn't really drawn in by the story.  Many reviews I read said that it is confusing because of so many characters, the story is a little depressing and drags, and reads like a Young Adult book (which apparently is Bluum's forte).  The eyeshadow palette includes colors that I love but I do not wear makeup.  I think the body wash infused sponge is a neat idea but surprisingly I did not really like the papaya scent.  Although I occassionally do yoga, I don't need a headband.  It is a very thin material which would probably make it comfortable to wear but at 4" wide it is a lot wider than any headband that I would wear.  I'm guessing the super candy is supposed to be the equivalent of Gatorade in a gummy chewable form.  The gift card was a bonus.  I checked out the Sweet and Spark website but none of the jewelry was my taste, plus most of the pieces cost way more than the $30 gift card would cover.

I would not say this month's box was bad; it just wasn't for me.  I will be trading or selling it so someone else can enjoy it.  Unfortunately this is the third out of my four boxes from PopSugar that I haven't gotten much use or enjoyment out of.  I will probably wait until the July box to decide if I should cancel my subscription or not.  

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  1. I did not order this month's box, but felt much the same way when I saw the spoilers. I did receive a Lavendar Spongelle as my bonus item in LLB last year and loved it.