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Friday, May 29, 2015

Bare Bliss Box - May 2015

I received my May Bare Bliss Box today.  I wasn't overly impressed with my first box from them last month but I wanted to give it another month to see if they got better.  Here is what was featured in this month's box:

Product Information Card:
  Bio Republic Green Tea Detox Sheet Mask  1 mask ($4.98 value)

Cost of Box:  $19.99 per month (free shipping)
Impressions:   I liked the samples in this month's box better than those in last month's box.  I am not  sure of the exact retail value of this box because some samples were not listed with a size but I estimate it as the same as the cost of the box.  It is not a high value box but I will use all of the samples which is great!  I like having plenty of sunscreen on hand during the summer and I really like that the one in this box is natural and isn't tinted.  The lip butter is tinted but I can tolerate it because the tint in this type of lip product is usually so light that it isn't noticeable when applied to my lips.  I'm looking forward to trying the face cream because it's supposed to be good for acne prone skin.  Hopefully the neem oil smell will not be too overwhelming when I apply the cream.  I will try the green tea detox mask but I do not have high hopes for it since this is only one mask application.  Every product like this I've ever tried have had no noticeable results even with consistent use.  The sponge feels soft but it is small so it will be most suitable for use on my face.
Even though I thought this month's box is much better than last month's box, I'm not entirely sure if I will continue my Bare Bliss Box subscription.  I wish the retail value for their boxes was higher or that the monthly subscription rate price was a little lower.  I really like and get a lot of product use out of boxes like Kloverbox so I'm trying to let go of boxes that I think are only okay.  I may continue for another month to help me decide if this box is worth keeping. [I decided to end my subscription with the May box.]

A Note on Shipping:  Again, I did not receive any notification that this box had shipped.  Not all subscription box services offer shipment tracking but normally they at least notify you that the box has shipped so you know to expect it. 

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