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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Birchbox - May 2015

Today I received my May BirchboxI have not really enjoyed my past Birchboxes but this month is much more in line with the types of beauty products I like to try.  And I'm really happy that this month's samples are a little larger than usual.  Here is what I received in my May Birchbox:

Product Information Card

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer  0.67 oz ($14.40 value)
W3LL PEOPLE The Expressionist Mascara  (sample size & value unknown)

Cost of Box:  $10
Total Box Value:  over $33.59
Impressions:  This month's Birchbox is the best of the 5 boxes I have received from them.  The samples seem a little larger than what I normally get, there was no Harvey Prince perfume sample, and I can actually use 3 of the 5 samples that I received!  The Macadamia hair oil smells great and a little goes a long way so this 1 oz bottle should last a good while.  The Naobay moisturizing cream goes on the skin silky smooth, absorbs quickly, and moisturized my dry skin pretty well.  I applied a small amount on the back of my hand and after a few minutes my skin did feel a little softer in that area than the rest of my hand.  I'm really looking forward to trying the mud mask because I read some reviews that stated it was good at deep cleaning pores.  It is also recommended to apply the mask with a brush to get more even coverage.  I do not wear makeup so the mascara and beauty balm will be traded or given away.  Overall, I thought this was a relatively good Birchbox.  The is the first time I've been excited to try more than one sample in my Birchbox.  The value of the 3 samples I will use more than make up for the cost of the box so I am quite happy about that!  

I have been subscribed to Birchbox for a few months and haven't gotten much use out of the samples I receive because my current beauty needs center more around natural skincare products rather than makeup, hair, and perfume.  Although this month's box is the best one I've received, it will be my last.  I'm cancelling my subscription after I use up the last of my reward points.  If you are predominantly interested in makeup, hair, and perfume samples, Birchbox is a one of the more inexpensive, beauty boxes to try.  The brands featured are more high-end than common drugstore brands so it's nice to get to try a sample before committing to purchasing the pricey full-size products.  The rewards point program is by far the best I've seen.  And the boxes are cute and come in handy for sorting and storing you samples!


  1. We seem to like a lot of the same boxes. Have you tried the Wei Mud Mask yet?

  2. Hi, I have tried the mask and I do like it. I've been able to get about 3 uses out of this one pod by applying a thin layer each time. It wasn't that difficult to rinse off but I use a face brush to wash it off to get a little more exfoliation. I noticed that my pores do look a little smaller afterwards and my skin feels softer. I also like that it doesn't leave my face feeling tight and dry like a lot of masks tend to do on my skin. Hope that helps.

  3. Thank you for letting me know. I've been experimenting with Asian beauty products, but don't know much about them. I did figure out on the other post that I can post my name :)