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Thursday, May 14, 2015

PopSugar Must Have - May 2015

I received my May PopSugar Must Have box today.  The theme for this month's box was:  Glowing Skin, Fresh Flowers, Colorful, and California Sun.  Here is a look at the the items included in this month's box:
Product Information Card:

Sage and Row Shave Cream  3.5 oz  ($17)
Batiste Dry Shampoo  1.6 oz  ($4)

Cost of Box:  $39.95 (includes free shipping)
Total Box Value:  $114
Impressions:  The curation of this box seems to be a bit more hodge-podge than usual.  I don’t like this month's box as much as the April box but I will try to use or gift as much I can because it wouldn’t be worth the effort and cost to trade everything; especially the bigger and heavier items.  If the towel was a simple yellow and white striped design, I would like it more.  I prefer not to have items with huge brand logos or large text across it but it's a beach towel so it's fine I guess.  It is It is an exclusive design for PopSugar so you can't buy it on the Sisters of Los Angeles website.  I like keeping fresh flowers around but I think I would like the vase better if it was a more neutral color.  The bright red/coral color does not compliment my home decor at all.  I may keep it on my desk at work or gift it.  I do not wear jewelry often, but when I do it's gold-tone because it looks better against my skin tone.  I like the simplicity of the Kitsch necklace but already know it wouldn't get worn because of the silver plated color and long 36-inch length.  I will try to trade or gift it.  The shave cream contains aloe, sunflower oil, and shea butter so it sounds like it would be rich and moisturizing.  It is paraben, sulfate, and alcohol free and contains many ingredients that are organic and the scent reminds me of magnolia blossoms so I will give this a try.  Last month's box included an organic body care product too so I wonder if this is going to be a trend for PopSugar boxes.  It would be great if it does become a regular feature!  I do not use dry shampoo so the Batiste will be given away or possibly traded.  The taffy candy was kind of random but I guess they wanted to include some kind of food item since many people complained there wasn't one in last month's box (there is usually a snack item in every box).   I didn't miss having a snack last month and I could have done without the taffy in this month's box.

Overall, I am not that thrilled about the items in this month's box but the retail value is good.  The shave cream is pretty much the only item I'm looking forward to using.  Right now, PopSugar seems to be on an "awesome, not awesome, awesome, not awesome" cycle to me.  March was not awesome, April was awesome, May was not awesome,... so maybe June will be awesome!

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