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Friday, May 22, 2015

Petit Vour - May 2015

I received my monthly beauty box from Petit Vour today.  Here is a look at the products featured in May's box:
Product Information Card

NYL Shimmer Scrub  2 oz ($11)

Cost of Box:  $15 per month (free shipping to US)
Total Box Value:  $45
Impressions:   I really like that there were three full size items in this box and the total box value was three times what I paid for the box.  I will not be using the lipstick because I do not wear it but this one is a nice color.  Dry shampoo does not work well in my naturally curly hair and even if I did use it, I wouldn't like a shimmery product in my hair.  I don't really like that the body scrub is shimmery either but I will give this a try because it contains rosehip, grapeseed, and vitamin E oils.  And I really like that it smells like white grapefruit!  I've been hoping that I would eventually get some MUN skin products in my one of my beauty boxes one day so I'm really happy to get this rose toner.  I do wish it was a larger sample though.  This is only a single use sample.  Overall, this wasn't my favorite Petit Vour box because I will not get a lot of product use out of it.  The body scrub and toner are valued at $13 which is a little less than what I paid so this month's box wasn't the best deal for me.  I'm still looking forward to seeing what comes in next month's box!

Update:  I tried the shimmer scrub and I would not recommend it unless you really, really like glitter!  Thankfully I only tried it on my arms rather than my whole body.  It took several tries with an exfoliating soap and brush to get all of the gold glitter off of me. 

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