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Monday, March 23, 2015


I will be honest and admit that I'm one of those people who wears workout gear more than I actually work out.  But they're just so comfortable when I'm working around the house!  I mean, cleaning and yard work counts as a workout, right?  Although I've been trying to resist the idea of ordering from Fabletics for a long time, I finally gave in to all those Kate Hudson commercials on tv.  Here's hoping it'll motivate me to actually workout more.  You don't have to join the membership program to order from the website, but you will have a higher price tag than members.  If you become a Fabletics VIP Member, you get 50% off your first outfit which is a very enticing discount on a quality workout ensemble, plus discounted VIP prices on future items.  The one negative of taking this deal and becoming a member is the recurring monthly-order program.  At the beginning of each month they email you outfits that they've picked out for you to consider based on your profile preferences and you can choose to order one or indicate that you want to skip ordering that month.   If you don't "skip" by the 5th of the month, you will automatically be charged, whether you pick an outfit or not.  If not, then the money will remain on your Fabletics account as a credit for future orders.  So having to remember to pick your outfit or skip a month before the deadline so you don't have to deal with an unwanted charge could be a little annoying for some people. 
I ordered the Blossom 2-Piece Oufit - Oula Tank & Salar Capri for my intro outfit which cost me $24.97 (Reg. $49.95) with free shipping.  And if you've ever bought pieces from Lululemon, or the like before, you know that you would not get an entire outfit for that price, even on the luckiest of sale days!  I picked this one because I prefer racerback tanks and capri length pants. 
They had many different outfits and color/pattern combos to choose from but I'm a simple, neutrals kind of girl.  And when it comes to clothing this fitted, I think black pants and tops are a little more flattering on me than multi-colored patterned pants and neon tanks!  Maybe I'll try something a little more adventurous in the future. 
I'm 5'5", 135 lbs, rectangular body shape, and I ordered the tank and the capris both in size Small but you have the option to mix sizes.  The outfit fits well and the material doesn't stretch thin and see-through when you bend over, etc.  The pants have just the right amount of compression and the tank is made of breathable lightweight fabric.  I did a 40-minute strength and weight-loss yoga workout wearing this outfit and didn't have a problem with riding up, slipping down, bunching, chaffing or anything like that.  However, I can't speak yet for performance during more aggressive exercise like running.  There was no stretching, shrinking or pilling of the fabric after the initial washing.  I also want to point out that the tank and pants are not made of the same fabric and they're not the exact same shade of black.  The tank is a truer black while the pants are more of a greyish-black.  So even though these were advertised as a outfit, they are more mix and match type pieces rather than matchy-matchy pieces.  Overall, I'm very pleased with the fit and quality for the price so I'll likely order more in the future. 

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