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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Petit Vour - June 2015

I finally received my June Petit Vour today!  My post office lost some of my packages nearly two weeks ago and finally found them today.  Better late than never I guess!  I'm happy to get to show what I got in my Petit Vour box this month:

Product Information Card
 Meow Meow Tweet Spot Serum  1 ml  ($2.50 value)

Cost of Box:  $15 per month (free shipping to US)
Total Box Value:  $44.50
Impressions:   I like this month's box a lot better than last month's box.  I will not be using the eyeliner but everything else I plan to try.  The Green Smoothie mask is a bentonite clay mask.  I also received a similar bentonite mask in the June Kloverbox.  I guess this type of mask is becoming more popular lately.  I liked the one featured in Kloverbox so I'm guessing this one will work similarly.  I do like that this one contains sweet almond.  The price on the info card is $17.50 but it is listed on the website for only $15.  The facial cleansing brush is very soft and would probably be good if you're skin is too sensitive for Clarisonics or similar electronic brushes.  I really like my Olay electronic brush but will save this one for gentler cleansing when having break outs.  I currently have a blemish that I hope the Tweet Tweet spot serum will make disappear!  The info card lists the value of the Tweet Tweet Skincare products featured in this month's box at $9 but the Spot serum costs $25 for 10 ml on the website so my serum sample (1 ml) isn't anywhere close to being $9.  I'm not sure how they calculated the $9 value.  Anyway, the total value of the box is still 3 times what I paid and I plan to use 3 out of the 4 items.  The value of the 3 items I'll use is $26.50 which is still more than what I paid so this month's box was a much better value for me than last month's box where I actually only ended up liking 1 small sample. 

So far Petit Vour has been an okay box for me but not one that I've been overly excited about.  I have discovered a few good samples through them but I decided to cancel my subscription to see if I would miss it.  I may regret missing out on next month's box but I can easily resubscribe if I start to miss getting this box.  I've recently started to experience product overload and have been trying to really pare down my beauty box subscriptions to those I really like, that primarily features skincare and lifestyle items, and have a good value relative to the cost.  Once I go through and weed out and use up a lot of the current samples I've accumulated over the last few months, I'll probably come back and pick up some of the subscriptions I've cancelled or put on hold.  Hopefully I will not miss out on something really amazing in the meantime!

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