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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beauty Fix - July 2015

My July BeautyFix box arrived yesterday.  Here are the samples featured in this month's box:

Product Information Card

Deva Curl 3-Step Introductory Kit  1 oz each ($7.95 value on Folica)

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Face Bar  0.6 oz  ($5.40 value)

Cost of Box:  $24.95 (plus tax if applicable, includes free shipping)
Total Box Value:  Approximately $71.13
Impressions: This month's box included a lot of skincare products, which I like, but the sizes of the samples are somewhat comical compared to what Dermstore normally sends.  I believe the mascara and lip balm are the only full size products in this box.  I don't normally like getting shampoo samples but I've been interested in trying the Deva Curl products.  I like that they included the kit so you can try the whole system together.  I hate getting a shampoo sample but not the conditioner or vice versa.  If you have thin or short hair you may be able to stretch this kit in to two applications but I'll be lucky if this is enough for one use for me!  Hopefully it works well on my naturally curly hair.  I've also been in need of quality hair clips that can handle my thick hair and these by Harry Josh seem to be durable and have a "toothed" design to help them stay in place while styling your hair.  I'm also quite interested in trying the Bliss mask.  I believe it's supposed to work like a liquid exfoliant.  I don't plan to use the mascara but the face cleansers and creams seem interesting and worth trying.  I don't wear makeup but I think the Vichy calming cleanser for sensitive skin might still be useful for when I have a breakout.  And I'm glad the Lip Quench product is a lip balm and not a tinted lip gloss.

The overall value of this month's BeautyFix box from Dermstore is a lot less than normal.  The value is usually well over $100.  And it doesn't help that two of the samples were clearly labeled "not for resale" and the hair clips came in a package that said "free sample".  I plan to use almost everything in this box but I'm not really over the moon excited about it.  This month's box just seemed like an effort to clear out their free sample bins.  There isn't much of a wow factor and I think it's because I'm used to them including more full size products.  I don't feel like this month's box was really worth the $24.95 price and I think even they knew it because they had a special half price deal on this month's box for new subscribers.  The products in last month's box were not useful to me personally and this month's skincare sample sizes were somewhat disappointing.  I decided to go ahead and cancel my membership because I have been getting more picky with the boxes I subscribe to lately.  If I'm not crazy about it anymore or it isn't a great value with a lot of useful items, I cancel it!  This will help reduce wasted money, product overload, and the accumulation of useless items and narrow my focus on those boxes that really supply the type of items I need or will actually use.

I will say that BeautyFix includes a lot more samples per box than any other beauty box I've ever subscribed to.  There is usually a lot of variety in the samples and the value of the boxes are normally well over the cost of the box.  They also usually include multiple full size items.  This month may have just been an off month for them and maybe August will be an awesome box.  In the future, I may occasionally make one time box purchases if I see spoilers for a box with a lot of products I would really like to try.  The non-subscription price per box is more expensive at $34.95 (plus tax if applicable) but still includes shipping.

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