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Saturday, July 18, 2015

PopSugar Must Have - July 2015

The July PopSugar Must Have box has arrived!  Here is a look at the the items included in this month's box with an easy travel theme:

Product Information Card

SORIAL Card Holder ($28) + $25 Gift Card 

Bonus:  Hallmark Signature Cards

Cost of Box:  $34.95 with $5 off coupon code (free shipping)
Total Box Value:  $111.98 (excluding gift card)
Impressions:  After receiving last month's box, I decided to cancel my PopSugar subscription because I liked only one of the four boxes I had received.  At $39.95, PopSugar was the most "expensive" monthly subscription I had and since I wasn't loving it, it had to go!  And of course, a couple of days later there was a spoiler released for the little Henri Bendel Dopp Kit cosmetic bag.  Bag... stripes... take my money!  I have no self-control sometimes. :)  But it worked out in my favor because since my account had been cancelled and was no longer active, I was able to buy this box as a one-time gift purchase with a $5 off coupon code!  And since the bag along was valued at $28, I knew I wouldn't be overly disappointed if everything else in the box wasn't that great.  But I'm glad I did go ahead and buy this month's box because it contains a lot of practical, useful items for travel and everyday use.  Aside from the designer cosmetic bag, this isn't really a "wow" box but it's stuff everyone can actually use. 

The Henri Bendel Dopp Kit bag measures 4.25"H x 6.5"W x 3.25"D.  I pack light when it comes to toiletries (probably because I don't wear makeup!) so it is just big enough for me to carry some travel size items for short trips or for everyday use in my purse.  I like that the bag opens wide for easy access and that the lining makes it easy to clean up spills or leaks.  The down side is that the outer material is canvas which means outside stains will not be as easy to clean.  There was also a 20% off Henri Bendel coupon included with this box.  The red Sorial card case may come in handy for carrying ID and credit/debit cards in a small clutch or in my back pocket when I don't want to carry my purse.  I'm not crazy about the red color and I wish it had a realistic leather look.  This material looks and feels a bit cheap; I would never have spent $28 for it.  I checked the Sorial website to see if there was something I could purchase with the $25 gift card and they originally only had 9 items for sale, one being a $25 wristlet, but that wristlet and 2 other bags have already sold out currently leaving only 6 items.  I also noticed that the shipping is $12, even for the small wristlets!  So this gift card is yet another gift card from a subscription box that I'll never use.  I don't wear makeup but I can still use the Supergoop setting mist as regular lightweight sunscreen and for shine control.  I really like that it's a mist and not a lotion.  I've gotten a lot of sunscreens in beauty boxes over the past couple of months but this is only the second one that has been a spray.  I definitely prefer spray sunscreens over lotions and sticks because they are much easier and less messy to apply.  I also like that this spray isn't such a specific product that only some people can use it.  This setting spray can be useful to those who wear makeup (whatever their skintone) as well as us makeup-free ladies just in need of a sunscreen.  I have never considered buying an electric toothbrush before but now that I have one, I'm excited to try it.  Switching from using my hands to using an electric facial brush to wash my face was life changing so I'm looking forward to seeing how much more effective an electric toothbrush can be!  I do wish the brush heads were a little bigger like a regular toothbrush, but I do like that two brush heads were included.  I also never really cared to use towelettes before but recently I can't seem to live without them so this pack of Yes to Blueberries cleansing towels will definitely get used!  Plus, I already have the Yes to Blueberries moisturizer!  I tried the Good Bean Bar and didn't really like the consistency of the chickpeas and soybeans - they just didn't toast as firmly as peanuts but bars like this could be a good substitute for those who are allergic to peanuts.  Three Hallmark Signature cards were thrown in as a bonus.  They are an odd filler choice as they don't relate to the travel theme of this box.  I was really hoping to get the card option with a pineapple imprint on the cover that someone else got in their box because it would have made a nice small framed print.  I didn't really like the cards I got.  I think the gold flower card looks a little tacky and will probably never give it to anyone.  The Cheers card would make a nice celebratory card to give but I was really surprised the ampersand card was a wedding card.  I thought it was a baby shower card at first glance.  I prefer to give more formal cards at weddings so this one is likely not to get used.

I will use almost everything in this box so it was a good deal for me.  However, it is not enough to entice me into re-subscribing to PopSugarPopSugar has been too hit or miss for me to continue committing $40 a month.  Any future PopSugar boxes I order will be one-time purchases like this box was, and only after I've seen a really good spoiler item.  The one-time purchase price is the same as the monthly subscription rate so the only benefit of having the subscription is the guarantee that you will get a box that month.

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