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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ann Taylor Loft - Abstract Print Blouse with Tie

I recently purchased this Ann Taylor Loft Abstract Print Blouse on sale (size medium in Petites, $24 in-store).  On the website, the color is listed as "Tango Red" but I have never seen it offered in any other color.

I bought this blouse in a Petite size because Loft's tops generally fit longer than I like (I'm 5'5").  An XXSmall Petite size of this blouse can be seen here on PetiteXXS who is 5'0".  It is a brightly colored blouse but I think it looks nice with dark blue denim jeans.

Thanks to a set posted by din-din on Polyvore (link here), I was inspired to come up with an outfit pairing the blouse with black skinny jeans and a black blazer.

Big thanks to din-din because, although I liked the top, I wasn't really sure how I would wear it! I don't normally wear bright/bold prints but I like this given that the rest of the outfit is simply, monochromatic black.  Plus, the blazer will cover most of the blouse so only the front will peek out (minimizing how vibrant/bright the blouse really is).  However, I'm not quite sure if I like the idea of wearing a belt around a blazer or not. Any opinions?

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