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Friday, December 17, 2010

J.Crew - Extra 30% off Sale Items

J. Crew is currently offering an additional 30% off their sale items (sale code MUSTHAVE) along with free shipping over $150 (but be sure to read the fine print about the shipping!). The sale has been extended to run until midnight December 20th, so hurry and stock up on sale items!

These are the items I ordered; including my size, color, & total discounted sale price:

Perfect Fit Mixed-tape Cardigan:  Rosewood, $20.65, small  
(pictured here on Chloe @ the(chloe)conspiracy)

Perfect Fit Mixed-tape Cardigan:  Bronzed Twig, $20.65, small 
(pictured here on Chloe @ the(chloe)conspiracy)

Muse Tank:  Smoky Charcoal, $20.99, x-small
(pictured here on Tammy @ TheHandbagAficionado)

Cascading Flutter Shell:  Platoon Green, $13.99, x-small
(pictured here on PAG @ ExtraPetite)

Cascading Flutter Shell:  White, $13.99, x-small

These are not super exciting pieces but they are very versatile, mix-n-match items which is very important in getting the most wear out of your wardrobe and the most bang for your buck.  Can't wait to receive my order...happy shopping!

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