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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Goodebox - August 2015

I received my August Goodebox today!  Here is a look at the samples I received in this month's box:

Cost of Box:  $21 (free shipping)
Total Box Value:  $60.20
Impressions:   The monthly price for the Goodebox recently increased slightly for a variety of reasons, one being the inclusion of more full size products and deluxe size samples.   I am happy to see that 3 of the 5 samples I received are full size.  However, I am disappointed that this box included 2 makeup items.  My beauty profile questionnaire clearly expresses my lack of interest in makeup products and Goodebox has been very good about honoring my preferences in the past.  So, I feel like this month's box wasn't as customized as my previous boxes from them.  The total value of this box is good but the value of the 3 samples I plan to use only make up a little over half of the total value.  I wish I had received the orange or rose scented versions of the LoveFresh deodorants.  I'm not crazy about the Lemon Verbena scent but I will give this product a try because it has all 5 star ratings on the LoveFresh website.  It does include baking soda which can cause skin irritation for some people so I will have to test it on only a small area of my underarm first.  I applied a thin layer to the back of my hand and it went on smoothly, clearly, and didn't turn ashy or flaky after it dried.  I wiped my hand on a dark t-shirt and I didn't notice any white marks, which is a plus.  The scent did linger on my hand until I washed it really well.  And the shea butter and coconut oil it contains is moisturizing.  My favorite item out of this box is the Zoe Organics Everything Balm.  I have dry skin, especially on my hands, so heavier moisturizing products like oils and balms are best for me.  I applied this on my hands and it worked well but, as the name implies, this balm can be used for more than just a moisturizer.  I love multi-purpose products!  I see this tube getting used up quickly!  I recently became a fan of Argan oil as a result of some Argan Oil Acure products I tried so I am happy that the Kahina facial cleanser contains Argan oil.  The eyeshadow and brightener powders look pretty and of good quality but I will be gifting those. 

This month's Goodebox was okay for me but not as good as my July box but I'm looking forward to seeing the continued improvements at Goodebox.

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