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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle - August 2015

I received my second shipment from The Honest Company today!  In my last review, I mentioned scheduling my next box for early September but I couldn't wait!  Here's what I included in my bundle this time:

Products reviewed in my July Bundle:
Organic Body Oil  4.0 oz ($9.95)

New Items:
Stain Remover  26 oz ($5.95)

Multi-Surface Cleaner  26 oz ($5.95)

Baby Wipes  72-count ($4.95)

Bug Spray  4 oz ($12.95)

Cost of Bundle:  $35.95 Essentials Bundle + $15.64 discounted add ons + tax = $55.20
Impressions:  As with my first bundle, The Honest Company  processed and delivered my order all within 3 days which is impressive to me!  Shipping for this order was free because my total was over $50.  I included the spray deodorant, facial wipes, room & air freshener, and body oil from my first box in this order too.  However, this time I tried the Lavender Vanilla version of the deodorant spray.  Last time I tried the Bergamot Sage and didn't really like the sage scent.  Honestly, I'm having a hard time finding a distinct difference between the two scents.  Both include sage in the ingredients and that seems to be the prominent smell from both scents.  I was hoping the Lavender Vanilla scent would be more sweet like the Lavender & Vanilla air freshener so I could use it as a light body spray.  I doubt I will add the spray deodorants to future bundles because they all contain sage which is too pungent a smell for my preference.  I also want antiperspirant properties and this product only works as an "okay" deodorizer on me.  It's not a good option for me when I'm going to be really active.  It's fine for lazy, lounging around days.   I'm still quite happy with the facial wipes, body oil, and air freshener and will continue to order them.

The new products in this shipment included the multi-surface cleaner, stain remover, baby wipes, and bug spray.  I like that both of the spray cleaners have light, subtle scents and can be used on a variety of surfaces and materials.  I honestly wasn't expecting the multi-surface cleaner to do well with cutting through grease and grime especially since it doesn't contain bleach or stronger chemicals.  So I was planning to only use it as just an everyday quick clean spray for my kitchen counters.  But I had a bowl of food that contained tomato sauce explode and dry inside my microwave and I was amazed at how easily this cleaner worked to clean up the mess!  And the scent was hardly noticeable which made me feel better the next time I put food inside.  I tried the stain remover on a pet stain on my carpet and a red juice stain on my sofa and it worked well on both.  I also liked that it didn't harden the fibers of the carpet or sofa fabric when it dried.  I don't have a baby but I like using wipes to freshen up when out and unable to rinse my face, hands, or for picnics, cleaning up spills in the car, etc.  I think they make a pretty good wet-wipe or hand sanitizer substitute because I try to avoid using products that contain alcohols as much as possible, especially on my face and hands, because I already have dry skin.  I like these wipes because they're thick, strong, large and moist-enough to do a good job cleaning up, don't contain fragrances or alcohols, and don't leave a sticky residue.  I'll be keeping this package in my car because that seems to be the place I need something like this the most!  I've been in desperate need of bug spray for evening walks with my dog so I'm really glad the bug spray has arrived.  The bug spray is the most strongly scented product I've tried from the Honest Company but that's only because it contains citronella and cedar.  I've never smelled anything with a light citronella or cedar smell... it's all or nothing with these two scents!  I only spray on a little because I find citronella and cedar scents a little too intense, but even a little worked well to ward off  mosquitoes.  Overall, I'm quite happy with the new products I tried and would order them again.  I definitely plan to get refills of the multi-surface cleaner and stain remover when I run out! 

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