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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stitch Fix #7 (October 2015)

I received my 7th Stitch Fix over the weekend and I loved it!  If you don't know, Stitch Fix is a mail-order personal stylist service.  Here's how it works:
  • You decide when and how often you want to receive a shipment.  
  • You fill out a detailed style and sizing profile and leave a note for your stylist so they have an idea of what you're looking for.  I also provide a link to my Style board on Pinterest to better demonstrate what I like to wear.
  • There is a $20 styling fee for each shipment but you can use the fee towards purchasing items that you receive.  However, if you decide not to purchase anything you lose the $20 styling fee.  
  • Each delivery includes 5 items which can include clothing, handbags, jewelry, and others accessories.  Delivery and return shipping is free.
  • You have 3 days after receiving your shipment to try on and decide what you want to keep or return.  You indicate which items you are purchasing and returning on your online account.  You also have the opportunity to provide feedback on each item.  If you take longer than 3 days to indicate your purchases or returns on your account, Stitch Fix will assume you're keeping everything and charge you for everything so don't forget! There is a pre-paid shipping bag in your box to return the items you decide not to purchase.
Here is the note I sent to my stylist Jennifer for this fix:
"Hi Jennifer.  I will be attending a conference in Austin in a few weeks & the meeting rooms are always cold so I'd like to try some lightweight sweaters to tops to wear with my cardigans.  Attire is casual to dress casual.  Other things on my wardrobe wishlist:  dolman sleeved tops, light to medium wash bootcut jeans, darker wash trouser jeans, & the Claris Lariat Spike Necklace.  Thanks!"
... and here is a look at what I received: 

Styling Suggestion Cards

Market & Spruce Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top ($48) - KEEP!

I'm currently in love with the relaxed fit of dolman tops and want more, more, more!  So I'm glad Jennifer found one for me and in a nice dark green and black heathered color.  I think this top is versatile enough to be worn casually on the weekend or dressed up for work.  This was a definite keeper for me and Jennifer can feel free to send more dolman tops like this my way!

Soko Claris Lariat Spike Necklace  ($58) - KEEP!

I rarely wear jewelry so I don't invest much money into it but I've been shopping around for a nice, simple, inexpensive spike or bar lariat necklace for a while and haven't liked any of the one's I've found as much as this one by Soko.  The shine of the gold isn't too shiny or too dull, the length is just right for me, and the spike design is interesting but understated at the same time.  The weight is also nice; not so dainty that I could easily break it.  And the simple design means I could wear it both casually and for work.

Market & Spruce Yuna Chevron Pointelle Knit Sweater  ($68) - KEEP!
Kut From the Kloth Simmons Bootcut Jean ($78) - KEEP!
Ready for fall!
An oatmeal/beige colored sweater was one of the top items on my fall wardrobe wishlist.  I like the detail of this sweater and even though the pointelle sections are open-knit and see-through, it's not a major concern because it's not that way all over the sweater and I can wear a nude colored cami underneath.   My favorite Gap bootcut jeans from the past couple of years have mysteriously gotten smaller and I'm sure it has nothing to do with all the cookies I've been baking or the donuts at work.  :)  So I needed to find a new favorite pair of bootcut jeans.  I really like the fit and comfort of this pair by Kut From the Kloth but the length is too short for bootcut jeans in my opinion.  Although they don't look right with my ankle boots, the length will work great for days when I want to wear my flats.  I'm keeping these but my hunt for bootcut jeans to wear with my ankle boots must continue.

Daniel Rainn Persimmon Tie Neck Blouse  ($64) - KEEP!

I love the color of this blouse!  I didn't think I would keep it at first sight because of the sheer panel in the back and tie-neck bow but I tried it on anyway.  The sheer panel wasn't a concern because it's only across the shoulders so the back of my bra doesn't show and most likely I'll be wearing this with a blazer or cardigan so it'll be covered up anyway.  However, I do really like the cute dot pattern!  And I was surprised that the bow wasn't fussy at all.  It's not too big and drapes down nicely.  This will be great to wear with a black skirt or pants during my presentation at the conference.

The Price Breakdown

Cost to Keep Entire Box:  $316 - 25% discount - $20 styling fee credit = $217
Cost of What I Kept:  $217
Impressions:  I KEPT IT ALL!!  My stylist Jennifer did a great job selecting items to meet my requests.  I can definitely pack everything she sent me in this Fix for my trip to Austin.  And I can tell that she actually looks at my Pinterest style board to see what type of clothing items, outfits, and colors I've been pinning.  I live in neutrals and jewel tones and casual clothes so these pieces will easily fit in to my existing wardrobe.  And it's nice to be able to check off a few of the items I had on my fall wardrobe shopping list.  Because I kept all five items in this Fix, I was able to take advantage of the 25% off discount which meant the average cost per item was about $43 which isn't too bad considering how much wear I will get out of these pieces for both work and the weekend.

I admit that I used to be cheap when it came to shopping for clothes in my 20s.  My philosophy used to be "quantity over quality".  Now in my early 30s, I still like shopping for bargains but my philosophy on shopping for clothing, or shopping in general, has morphed into "quality over quantity".  Maybe its because I'm getting older and have learned to figure out what I like rather than what the trends are.  Now, I'm more willing to spend a little more money upfront to make investments in more timeless, higher quality pieces - however, I still don't wear high-end designer and doubt I ever will because I'm too frugal :).  I used to buy lots of cheap (which usually meant low quality) things so I would have more options because I was still learning what looked good on me and what my personal style was, or because I was trying to keep up with trends that quickly changed.  Eventually I was left with two bursting closets filled with clothes I didn't wear because they were out of style, didn't look good on me, or just really weren't my true style.  Or worse, I was throwing them away after only a couple of wears because they would shrink or stretch out, get holes, or a seam would unravel.  Every couple of years now I try to do a major closet overhaul and re-evaluate my style.  Several weeks ago I cleared out about 90% of my wardrobe and donated it to Goodwill.  So now I'm slowly rebuilding my wardrobe again.  A few key things that these fashion overhauls force me to think about is:
  1. How do I want to express or project myself with my clothing?  Am I being myself or just following trends and copying someone else's style?  Is my taste in fashion the same or has it changed?
  2. Am I shopping mindlessly?  Why do I want to buy something?  Because it's on sale, the fashion magazine says it's the new "it" item to have, I'm emotional or bored, or because there is an actual void in my closet or need to replace an existing favorite closet essential.  Is buying one more grey t-shirt when I already own six of them really going to add anything new to my wardrobe?  I've started keeping track of what I already own and what's on my shopping wishlist and assign a budget; this provides a plan and some restraint when I shop to avoid buying a lot of stuff I don't need.
  3. Am I wearing what I'm buying? Are there things purchased weeks, months or even years ago with price tags still on them?  Does it fit my lifestyle or work dress code?  I keep and organize receipts (and return postage labels for online orders) in case I change my mind or find that something just isn't going to work for my wardrobe (most stores allow returns anywhere from 30 to 90 days after purchase). 
  4. Am I putting thought into how I'm going to incorporate what I buy with what I already own?  If I can't come up with multiple ways to style an item or have to buy more clothes to make an outfit, then it's a no go.  I try to avoid "one hit wonders" or chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole hoping I one day find the perfect piece to go with it!  
  5. Is it worth it?  Whether expensive or inexpensive, am I paying attention to the materials and how well an item is made/sewn to make sure it will launder well and hold up over time?  How easy is it to maintain?  Do I own a lot of "dry-clean only" or "hand-wash only" pieces?  Do I have time or want to be bothered with doing either?  Also, am I going to get a lot of use or wear out of it for my money?
I like the way my wardrobe and style has evolved over the years.  I'm no fashionista by any stretch of the imagination but I'm comfortable in what I wear and my simplified closet fits my sense of style and my lifestyle.  Stitch Fix has been another fun way to help figure out what I really like (and don't like) in clothing and add some nice new pieces to my wardrobe!

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