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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Old Navy Haul

I had some Old Navy Super Cash rewards to use this week and went in to Old Navy to only get a couple of things I've had my eye on and came out with 10 things!  But with my Super Cash rewards and the current sale deals, I walked out only having spent $85!  Here's a look at what I got!

Frost Free Fleece-Line Vest in Rich Rec, Small ($29.94 $14.70)
Women's Boatneck Sweater in Icelandic Mineral, Medium ($29.94 $11.02)

Styling Ideas:

Frost Free Fleece-Line Vest in Heather Grey Herringbone, Small ($34.94 $17.15)
Relaxed Scoop-Neck Tee in Kelp Forest, Large ($10.94 $4.30)

Styling Ideas:
Faux Leather Ballet Flats in Tan ($14.94 $4.58)
Lightweight-Sweater Infinity Scarf in Rich Rec ($16.94 $6.23)
Long Leggings in Black, Small ($12.50 $6.14)
Nude Colored Tami (tank/camisole), Large ($10.00 $3.68)
Quilted Zipper Pouch ($9.94 $6.10)
Plaid Flannel Scarf ($17.94 $5.50)

+ Tax ($5.56)

I love fall, dressing for fall, and shopping for fall clothing!  Since moving from Florida to South Carolina last year, I've been slowly accumulating more sweaters, outerwear, and other cold weather accessories like scarves.  This fall, I'm obsessed with burgundy and have been trying to restrain myself from buying too many things in this color but I couldn't resist the puffer vest and infinity scarf, especially at such a great discounted price!  I love that the vests are lined with fleece so they should be great for keeping warm with less bulk than a coat.  I'll probably get the green Basil Pesto color in a future sale.  I already own a pair of the cute tan ballet flats, but I've worn them so much I was in need of a replacement pair.  They provide practically no support and fit a little more narrow than past versions of this Old Navy flat so I wouldn't recommend if you have wider feet or have to be on your feet a lot at work.  I've been living in black leggings on the weekends lately so I'm glad to have another pair on hand.  I was pleased that they weren't see through when stretched.  I can never seem to have enough pouches and in polka-dots, I couldn't resist this one.  I'm not quite sure if the plaid scarf is meant to be a men's scarf or uni-sex, but either way I really liked the color and pattern for holiday outfits.  I bought more than I had planned to buy on this shopping trip but I also got a lot better deals than I was anticipating.   Also, 8 of the 10 items were things that were actually on my wardrobe shopping list.  And at $85 (or $8.50 per item average), I'm quite pleased with the deal I got on this haul, especially considering how much these items will get worn or used.

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