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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A maxi skirt...and a one!

Don't you just love it when you find a single item that is multipurpose?  Today's post is about an inexpensive maxi skirt I bought recently from one of my frequent shopping stops:  Ross Dress for Less.  Discount stores like Ross and TJMaxx are great places to find bargains but some shopping trips can be a "hit" while others can be total "miss".  Talk to the sales associates to find out what days and times the new weekly deliveries come in and when the new items will be put out on the floor to get the best selection at your local stores.

I spent a whole, whopping $10 on this black and white striped maxi skirt a few weeks ago at Ross! 

I bought this skirt thinking that I would just wear it as a casual, everyday kind of skirt but I later figured out a way to style it as a dress for more dressy occasions as well.  I like it when my money spent does double duty!

OUTFIT #1:  Maxi Skirt, Casual
Skirt:  Ross ($10)
Cami:  Target ($6)
Cardigan:  Forever 21 ($18)
Belt:  Ross ($6)
Sandals:  Anne Klein via Ross (old, < $20)

OUTFIT #2:  Skirt as Dress, Casual
Skirt: Ross ($10)
Cardigan: Forever 21 ($18)
Belt: Ross ($6)
Wedges: Aerosoles via Ross (old, < $25)

OUTFIT #3:  Skirt as Dress, Special Occasion
Skirt: Ross, $10
Cardigan:  TJMaxx, (old, < $15)
Belt: Ross, $6
Wedges: Aerosoles via Ross (old, < $25)

I know its nothing new, but I really like the idea of remixing or repurposing items in your wardrobe.  You save money because you're not shopping for new items as much, and what money you do spend is well spent because you get more wear out of the item.  However, shopping for items that can be repurposed and styled multiple ways is key!  Don't get me wrong, I definitely believe that you should have some unique, stand-out items in your wardrobe but don't forget the basics.  This used to be a major problem for me:  a closet full of nothing to wear!  I would have the hardest time trying to put outfits together because I never thought about how I could integrate an item into my existing wardrobe before I bought it.  I just bought it because I thought it was cute.  And because nothing in my closet went well together, I would often have to go out shopping again, spending more money, to put an outfit together!  My closet was a frustrating, money pit.  NO MORE!  I'm older, wiser, and a much better steward of my money.  Now when I'm shopping and I see something I really like, I force myself to STOP and THINK: 
  1. Do I need this item for a particular purpose (ie. job interview, work, special occasion, good foundation wardrobe item like blazer or pencil skirt, etc) or do I just want it because it's cute or trendy? 
  2. How can I style this item with pieces in my current wardrobe to create multiple outfits?  How much "wear" will I get out of this item?
  3. Is the item really worth the price or can I find the same item or something similar for a better price elsewhere?  Does the price match the quality of the material and craftsmanship of the item?
If I don't have a good argument for these questions, then I have to leave the item in the store.  It's not always easy but with time it becomes easier to walk away.  The money I save makes me feel better!  Not to mention the time I save when getting dressed in the morning because my closet is more cohesive now, not a bunch of random, hodge-podge.  Along with having the closet organized and color coded, it's much easier to pull an outfit together.
Well, that's all I have for today.  Thanks for stopping by!


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  2. Thanks alona15. I'll have to check LIFO out.